Week 13: Truffula tree and a dolphin

So! Remember that I “dyed” that yarn? I had no idea what I was going to use it for.
But, it was one of our faculty’s birthday this past week, and a while ago, I had a conversation with him about dolphins. So, what else was I to make but a dolphin? XD Well, I looked around my apartment, and I saw the yarn I had just paint-dyed all wrapped up and waiting to be used. AND the perfect dolphin colors.

I started by following this pattern on Ravelry. But as it was getting too big too fast, I frogged it and started over using the look of it as a design, but only half following the directions with less stitches.

I’m rather happy with how it came out.

I also really wanted to make a Truffula tree. No idea WHY. I just got it in my head that I really wanted one. >.> I took a couple of bamboo skewers, broke them in half and glued them with a low temp glue gun (high temp ones I tend to burn my fingers off.. I’m impatient and will run my fingers over the glue to smooth it and press it around.)

I then made a simple ball with fun fur in blue.
From there, I took a white and made a cylinder big enough to cover up my support for the tree top.
The stripes I used a fabric marker to draw on. Next time, I’ll be using a black one, but as I kind of misplaced it. This happens a lot for me as I place stuff “up” and “up” usually tends to not be in a common sense place. (and maybe I’ll also use an off white instead of a pure white yarn for the tree trunk)

Anyway, enough blathering, here’s my Dr. Seuss inspired Truffula tree:

Sorry for the late post, all of this WAS done last week. I had my computer and my camera ready to finish taking pictures and upload them, but I went home and then didn’t feel like being on a computer at all over the weekend.

I hope you all are having a great week and you had as much fun with your crafts as I did with mine.
Happy crafting.


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