Week 12: Yarn and fimo

Not too much to report here. I was working on this panda I said I was gonna make forever ago. But its not done. so alas. XD

I also used my mod podge molds for fimo clay. Honestly, I was just curious if it would work, and I couldn’t see a reason why it woulllldn’t. Everytime in the past I’ve tried to use molds though, it becomes a mess as the clay just sticks to the mold… So, I’m not the best with clay, right?

I was actually talking to my mom about this a while ago, and she started looking things up. I mean, I look things up too, but anything really involving clay, beyond me looking and thinking how pretty it is, I don’t worry about. >.>

Anyway, she saw that you dust the molds first, and the clay doesn’t stick. Well, since I only had the mod podge molds, I wasn’t too keen on trying it and getting clay all over the place, so I filed away the idea.

This week, I was missing my crafts. We had a big test on Thursday (and as I’m actually prewriting this portion, it still hasn’t come to pass) and I was kinda freaking out about it.. so most of my time was spent dedicated to working on that. Whenever I put something like school first, my mind starts to.. lose it a bit. I get more stressed and I can’t sleep (I don’t sleep well to begin with, I’m a night owl by nature and school makes me get up too early.) Then I get all.. loopy if I don’t completely have a breakdown. So, since I was feeling all.. meh and tired and kind of more stressed than I should be, I took a breather and looked around my (now fairly messy) place and picked up the mod podge molds.

Since I wasn’t in a good mindset (read: overtired) to safely use a glue gun (overtired and hot things do not go together) I pulled out some clay I had and I had just recently bought baby powder. I dusted my molds (and my jeans.. and probably a bit of my carpet) and inserted the clay.. I cleaned up the margins a bit and popped it out… and NO LEFT BEHIND CLAY.
This made my day so much, I did some more.

Then, in the morning, since I had bought magnets for a differnet project (that I cannot for the life of me remember what it was now) I grabbed a few of those and my hot glue gun and glued a few of the roses to the magnets. I then pulled those with me to school where I promptly gave away 2.

Anyway, here’s a picture of my little magnets I made:

On the same day as I was playing with the clay, (see: waiting for it to bake..probably not the best idea for how tired I was, but while my brain can look at a glue gun and think “nope.. not a good idea…” ovens and stoves do not seem like they would cause a problem. Luckily, I wasn’t burned.. Well, maybe a little, but nothing that is noticible now, so I’ll keep it as a “wasn’t burned” accomplishment) I revisited Hodge Podge Crochet’s process to dye acrylic yarn
But I wanted to try something different. You see, I love varigated yarns. I just think that they are so much fun, and I have a lot of paint.. so I was picked two off the top (a dark blue color and a silver color) of the cheapest paint I have, grabbed a couple of mason jars, grabbed white yarn that I had lying about but definitely wasn’t a full skein and went at it.
(Okay, first I had to unwind and wrap the white yarn properly so that all the strands were visible when I dunked it in the paint.. but you know, the idea is there.)

After I let it dry for a few hours, I felt it and it felt crunchy. So I rinsed it again, and set it to dry again for a day or so.

It came out all right, the blue is a lot lighter than the paint I used, and the silver is grey-ish, but it’s still a fun process.
This is after I rewound the yarn:

The one on the right was completely white before I started. The one on the left was a different yarn and beige-y before I started.

Anyway, that’s all the crafts I’ve been doing this week. How has this week been treating you all?

Happy crafting!


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