Week 11: Of Music and a Hat.

So, here’s the deal. I know I miss my self imposed deadlines. I know I wanna post a picture of stuff I do “in progress” on Wednesday. It’s to hold myself accountable so I can finish stuff. Buttttt.. I have a nasty habit of putting something aside for a while and picking up a new, shiny project. Which is why I didn’t post last week on Wednesday. Well, that and school stuff really GOT to me. And why this post was written BEFORE Wednesday, yet I forgot to post and thus you are now getting it today, with edits of course to reflect changes since Wednesday.

But the point of all this was not to stress myself out more. I shouldn’t feel like I should apologize (except to myself with a nasty tssssk when I start a new project instead of working on an old one.. but that’s just because I know I put things aside a lot) because, shocker, I don’t feel like working on something.

The thing though is that we all need a little push sometimes, a little motivation or inspiration. We need something to keep our focus. Or maybe that’s just me.

A writer friend and I were talking about music and inspiration/motivation recently. It came up in the conversation of video games (I do love video games and will talk about them almost all the time.) When she mentioned she heard that the Zelda series has some great music. Weeeeelll, I think it’s honestly epic. I find myself humming Zelda’s Lullaby or the main theme or well, just a few bars here and there. And I don’t really LISTEN to video game music except for when I play the game.

Still, it has the ability to make me feel better and motivate me.

Maybe it’ll work for you as well. 😛

Also, she happens to post music every week, which she deems “Writing Music” but honestly, it’s all gorgeous inspiration stuff and I love seeing what she pulls out week after week.

This week, I made a hat! I used Red Heart Super Saver in Aran (a worsted weight) and then for the reflective streak, I used Red Heart Reflective in Grey (a bulky weight) it made for some kinda neat texturing of the hat, but since I really don’t use bulky yarn much, I really didn’t have any to pair with the reflective yarn. Anyway, it worked out well, at least in my opinion.

Without the flash

With flash to see the “reflective” fibers

Lastly, I don’t know who has heard of the Russian yarn join, but it had been making its way around pinterest (or maybe around MY pinterest since I tend to have a lot of crochet stuff on there.) Well, I hate weaving in ends. I really do. It’s why big projects raaaaaaaarely get finished for me. But this looked interesting and me being me, I decided to try it (by the by, the link above is to Lion Brand directions on how to use it.)
I was excited to see it work. But I was still a little worried that it wouldn’t hold up, or that I’d notice when I was looking at the piece where these little joins were…

I shouldn’t have been worried however, as I’ve used it a few times now, and one of the projects I actually frogged and now I can’t find the ends anyway.

Anyway, I know I now have a new method for joining yarn.

Anyone else learn anything cool for National Crochet Month? Or how about anyone have any cool projects for Pi day? (I made that hat on pi day, so that was mine. :-P)

Happy Crafting.


4 thoughts on “Week 11: Of Music and a Hat.

  1. In honor of St. Paddy”s day, I am learning Irish Crochet and Clones Lace. A little hard on the eyes, but very interesting. And definitely COOL!

  2. I re-learned tapestry crochet for the Pi scarf I made…which is also the project I did for Pi Day. 🙂 I’ve been wanting to try that reflective yarn – it looks so cool in the hat that you did!

    • I love your Pi scarf. Honestly, I wish I had thought to do a Pi project in advanced enough to plan it. XD The reflective yarn ispretty neat, but sometimes the reflective fibers pop out (not the best term for it, but the best that I can think of) so that’s kinda strange.. but itdoes crochet up fast.

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