Week 10: Scarves

So, I’m rather late this time.
I really didn’t crochet much either, or do much with crafts. School.. Blah. let’s just put it like that, shall we? 😛 We have a licensing test coming up soon, so I’ve spent the majority of my evenings sitting in our sim clinic practicing.

But I did make two scarves.
One used this yarn, Bernat Boa, that I picked up on clearance.

The color is called Parrot. It’s really soft and has nice shades of purple and black in it. The entire thing worked up in double crochet, and I really didn’t put that many rows into it.

The other one is a pattern I found online. Lover’s Knot Scarf is pretty cool. But where she used 31 in her original chain, I cut it down to 16. And I had to frog it a few times before I finally got it looking right. But I like the look of it, and I used another funky yarn for it, Loops and Threads Glamourous. It has three differnet strands in it, a metalic, a fuzzyish one, and a solid black. But I do like the look of it when it was finished. The colorway of this one was Starry Night.

But yeah, that’s really all I did. Both of them are neat looking and I’m rather happy with them, even though in the begining I was more apprehensive.
(do ignore the dates on the pictures. I was lazy and didn’t reset my camera dates around. They were made this week and the pictures were taken today.)

By the by, it’s National Craft/Crochet Month so get out there and get crafting! XD


2 thoughts on “Week 10: Scarves

  1. I love the yarn in the love knot scarf! The stitch is perfect for it. Thanks for mentioning it’s National Craft/Crochet Month, I didn’t know that…although who needs an excuse to crochet? 🙂

    • Exactly! no excuse needed to crochet! But its kinda neat that it is! And thank you so much. It was an impulse buy and I really had no idea what to do with it. When I saw the love knot pattern I thought it might be a neat look for the yarn.

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