Week 9: Puff ball and another stitch marker

This week, I really didn’t do much in the way of crafting. All day Saturday, I was volunteering. Then I had my presentation this week, so I was preparing and trying not to be nervous. It went well though, so that’s a positive! Now just to get through the rest of my board exams (we have a mock one tomorrow and the real one coming up soon! Eek!)
Anyway, I did do a little bit, I made another puff ball!

I had a question about how much yarn I used.. and I usually don’t measure or even try to measure how much I use. But because I got asked, I looked up how to measure it, and I weighed it without eyes and without stuffing (so it wasn’t closed at that point), and guessed it was about 10 yards of fun fur/eyelash yarn. As written that was.. I know for some of the other ones I made, I shrunk it down by not increasing the rounds as much (like, instead of increasing to 25, I’d increase to 20 or even 15 instead) and then I would cut out some of the middle bits. But when I wrote the pattern, I honestly was designing it for the best to be a soot sprite looking thing (with the white eyes.) At least, how I crochet.

Anyway, beyond that, I made another little stitch marker. I have a thing with owls lately. I just love the look of them (always have, but really lately I’ve been loving how they are designed.)

Today though, I went outside and played around with some pictures. I took the first ami I ever made, and another little dragon as well. (hence the puff ball is also enjoying the great outdoors!)
It’s crazy how much I started with these. That first dragon, I didn’t even have a yarn needle. So, I used my hook to “sew” all the pieces on. Man, that was hard. But the dragon is still holding up, even if it does have looser stitches and is a lot more floppy.
Anyway, right. Pictures.

Happy crafting.


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