Week 8: Cactus, Stitch markers, WIP

Time for Confessions:
I should avoid craft stores. Or stores that sell yarn period. I went to the store today to pick up something for another project.. Granted, it wasn’t a planned trip, just a “oh.. I’m running errands (which I hate) and there’s a craft store… Hmm..Welllllll.. Maybe I’ll just run in and grab the one thing I possssssibly need if I’m going to make more of those things.. that are NOT crochet…. and there’s probably a coupon… Okay. I’ll just get that and leave.”

Anyway, I walked out with a basket full of yarn and other little things (granted, I had limited myself to ONE hand basket and not a cart.. but I was seriously considering flipping over to a cart and mayyyyybe getting some more yarn.)

The other awesome thing that happened was this lady gave me a coupon. Considering everything I picked up was on clearance or on sale, the coupon I originally planned to use wouldn’t work (darn “only full price items” clause.) But her coupon did.

So thanks to the awesome lady at the craft store who helped fuel my yarn addiction… And a giant GRRS to myself and my lack of control when it comes to things on sale. >.>

But look at the new addition to my stash! (Note: Not all the yarns were pictures as I’ve already used up a ball today alone and I have two more balls sitting on my couch for the same project.)

Now back to my week of crochet:

I totally missed my Wednesday post. Not because I didn’t have any progress. This week in school has been, well, exhausting. I thought about it Tuesday and worked more on my shawl so I could show more progress than “I did three stitches” (okay, I’m exaggerating, but that’s what it felt like) and then on Wednesday, totally blanked my mind and I went to bed super early. Actually, I just remembered yesterday that I missed my check in, but I shrugged it off as “well, I’m going to post tomorrow anyway, so I’ll show my progress then.” (Good thing I haven’t added anything to the shawl since Wednesday. :-P)

Anyway, my WIP shawl:

It’s now 19 inches.
(and I was lazy and didn’t take a picture of the ENTIRE shawl.. oh well)

Then, I dunno. After I finished Link I just kinda felt like a lost little puppy. Like, it was a big project that I’ve been wanting to do and I kept putting it off and putting it off because I was afraid of it. But once I finished.. I just.. I dunno. I feel weird. Like, accomplished, but a little lost on what to do next. I still feel that way, but I am making things.
This week, I decided to experiment with crochet thread. A while ago, I picked up one of those Loops and Threads tester packages things.. you know, it kinda looks like this:

(totally not my picture…)
And I never did anything with them. So they sat in my stash as I looked at them and shook my head that they were too small and I couldnt make anything with them. (too small being too thin.)
Well, this week, I picked up the brand new, never opened bag, and tore into it. With a small #7 crochet hook, I made this mini cactus with it’s pot. (Actually, I had more problems with the pot than I did with the cactus.

Quarter and easter egg for comparison purposes.

Then, because I saw the idea on Ravelry (I think), I made these little stitch markers with earring hooks and some wire. It’s totally similar to creating earrings, but instead of making two matching ones, you just make one. Also, use the hooks that close together.. the lever back ones.

Only one pictured because I erm.. misplaced the second one I made..

Not the most interesting things I could have done with it, but you know, I really was just playing around for the time being.

Anyway, that’s all from here. Happy crafting everyone!


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