WIP Wednesday.

Like I stated before, I’m starting a WIP Wednesday. Come join me and share your WIPs!

For me, I have 2 big WIP at this time.
1. A blanket/pillow from a pattern designed for me by a fellow Ravelry user,Raekess

I.. err.. haven’t worked on it this week.. >.>

2. I’m making another crocodile stitch shawl (pattern from Undeniable Glitter
But like the blanket, I haven’t worked on this in a while.. >.>

Then I’m in the middle of making little critters for the cute critter war.. Which you will see some of my creations this Saturday. XD

For me personally, this week has been pretty bad. I did finish projects though, and have a (small) pattern for you all, so that’s a plus.

How about you all? How’s your week been?


2 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday.

  1. I love the colours on the blanket/pillow/thing. So bright and pretty! After all your posts on craft and all the pictures, I’m half considering starting something myself. I’ve always got something to do during the day, but I have some free time in the evening I could put to good use on a project. Me, I don’t make half enough stuff. You’re an inspiration!

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