My 5 Favorite Geek Projects

So, it’s not that I haven’t been crocheting, I have. I just havent taken pictures. >.> But I will! In the meantime, I just want to do a quick post to share with you some of the awesome patterns I’ve found recently on Ravelry. (So, you’ll probably need a Ravelry account to view them)

  1. This Anna doll from Frozen
  2. A lot of people love Elsa (and who could blame them? she’s AWESOME.) but I have such a soft spot for Anna. I think she’s just adorable with how cheery she is and how she is just so naive and innocent and awkward. The creator of this doll also made an Elsa, a Sven, a Cristof and an Olaf. So, if you have any Frozen lovers these would be great to create for them!

  3. Assassin’s Creed scarf/hood
  4. SERIOUSLY, how awesome is this? I’m a huuuge fan of Assassin’s Creed and this just really impressed me. To the point where I’m planning on making it someday soon.

  5. Baymax from Big Hero 6
  6. Huggable robot for the win? I don’t know what else to say about this except that after I watched Big Hero 6, I wanted my own Baymax.

  7. Enterovirus
  8. I don’t know how many of you have seen those giant plush microbes, but they crack me up. Maybe because I’m in the health field, or because I’m a science dork at heart, or I just think its funny to have one and just laugh about it (FYI, I do not have a giant microbe. I’ve been talking about them for YEARS.) Anyway, if you want your own Enterovirus to toss about or give to people (without getting them sick!) then this is for you!

  9. Link Gauntlets
  10. Okay. These are knitted and not crochet, but seriously, LOOK at them. Soooo awesome. There’s a crochet version as well, but I don’t like the design as much. Maybe one day I can convince someone to make them for me. Or, it may be my reason to truly learn knitting once and for all.

What projects would you like to receive this holiday season? Or what projects are you making for your favorite people?
I know I have a list I should be creating for. Which I’ll go back to working on now.. or studying….


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