Thanksgiving Pt. 2

I promised pictures and I was being lazy and not uploading them.
Anyway, so my mom got me these pie crust cutters and she gave them to me as an early christmas gift so we could use them for Thanksgiving. I had been bugging her for a few years now to bake down a real pumpkin to make pumpkin pie. We finaaaaaaaaally did that. XD I may have ovebaked them a taad bit too much and next time I need to use a little egg wash to glue the pie cuttings down to the pie, but it was still really cool and it tasted amazing, so I’m happy.

Then we saw on pinterest this cracker/cheese plate and we wanted to copy it, so we did. Granted, it wasn’t entirely the same as we put our own flare on it, but yeah, I was happy with how it came out.

Lastly, I keep seeing all these pictures of cat dens (thats totally what I’m calling it) all over pinterest and I have a cat.. so, I thought she’d like it… so I tried to come up with my own half design for it, not following a pattern at all, but basically what I did was take the biggest hook I had and the chunkiest yarn I had and crochet it into a circle. I started with a magic ring of 6 hdc st then increased the circle until I had 66 st in a row. I dc then around once, (or twice?) with no increases, no decreases, and then I chained a bunch and skipped 10-15 st before dc around 2-3 more times before decreasing back down.

However, my cat was not impressed.

Ah. well, that is cats for you.

I hope you all had a happy holiday (for those who celebrate) and those who dont I wish you all the best!
Happy crafting.


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