So I haven’t been the best blogger recently. I also haven’t written a full pattern in a while. I take notes of HOW I do things if I have to make a copy of a part, but I haven’t written a full pattern. >.< Soon, I swear. Hopefully. XD

But I do wanna share what I haven't lately.
I got into perler beads (remember where I said Pinterest is my downfall? Right. I saw perler beads on there and they had a sale right before Halloween on some of the halloween kits.. so I picked them up)

so I made those from the kits. I also made a fox, but I dont have a picture of it.
Well, actually, the ghost I kinda just sorta figured it out… But still! It’s kinda fun to have these silly little things. Now to make snowflakes for Christmas.

Then I made this little thing with crochet thread. I don’t remember what size hook I used, something small, cause I don’t really like working with thread.. mostly cause I’m not used to it and it is so small that I feel frustrated that I cant see it. So, it was a test of “can I use this?” Especially since I do feel I’m getting better the more I crochet.

I can!

But what to do with it? It’s small and I didn’t frog it… Hmm.. Well, I had recently acquired a Twila doll from Monster High (I may be a child at heart and I watch things like Monster High.) So, I tried to put it on the doll as a skirt.. well, it was a little too big for that, but it did make a nice shawl sort of thing.

And as you can see, crazily enough, it matches her outfit and hair. Double score!

I never did go get resin by the by.. I want to, I just haven’t yet.

Anyway, happy crafting everyone. Experiment away!


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