Scale Glove(s)

So, I’m having a hard time keeping up with getting my projects DONE.
I start a bunch and then run around all the time, and then finish a few here and there then run around some more.. and start more projects. >.>
Like, yesterday I watched hours of youtube videos on resin. like how to use it. Then I was looking up how to make molds. Mind you, I don’t HAVE resin, but I was thinking of a project and I saw someone who made something and they said they used resin and now its like “oh! I need to try that!”

Pinterest is also my downfall as I swear I spend more time “pinning” projects than actually doing them.

ANYWAY, I saw these awesome Scale Mail Gloves on Ravelry. I drooled over them. I wanted them. But I can’t knit.. One day maybe, but I can’t NOW so that’s the issue.

Me being me, I did some research and found where scales can be bought (The Ring Lord for anyone who is interested) and how to make gloves (as I have never) and just general random pattern research on the how does it work variety.

I ordered my scales and they came in a few weeks ago. I petted tehm for a few days. I dug my fingers into the bag and let them clink as they slipped out my fingers. I was scared. (I also bought the cheapest scales I could find because if it didn’t work whatwas I going to do with all these scales???)

I couldn’t take it anymore. I started.

I got to there and looked at them andwent “NO NO NO!” all WRONG!” and I frogged it. I started again, now with a better idea of how it was supposed to look and how I’m supposed to add scales.

Finally, I had my glove:

The trick is skipping stitches in between placing the scales so that they lay flat. XD (and doignore my rather messy table tops.)

I also left the inside void of scales:

so that I wouldn’t have to worry about stabbing myself
(and since I crochet in the round without that beginning ch, it made it easier for me so I didn’t have to worry about placing the scales.)

But, now I still have the second glove tomake, even though I’ve scribbled down basically what I did. It’s just there are so many projects to be done.

Happy Crafting ya’ll!


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