There’s this trend with me.
Or well, maybe I think it is a trend.
People who end up being my friend long enough start to say Moose. or give me a moose. Or talk about moose.
And I don’t usually say it, or talk about it, or anything. (Until it comes up again and then I’m like “MOOSE!!!” and “EVERYTHING MOOSE”)
I think it started in high school. Then my friend gave me a moose key chain. Then my old roommate would just randomly say “moose” like a catcall. Now another friend of mine is going “moose” a lot. No context. Just saying Moose.
Anyway, it seemed like the world was trying to tell me I had to make a moose.


Plus, I used the moose for the hoax challenege. XD Basically, there was this organization that went around talking about Animal nakedness being indecent and they wanted to put clothes on all the animals. This of course was a hoax, but people bought into it and supported it. So, in honor of that, I made a moose in a sweater.

On another note, November and December tend to be relatively busy months for me. Finals tend to all get slammed into a week or two as classes wrap up. Plus Christmas and Thanksgiving and Nanowrimo. I’ll try my best to post more, but I make no guarantees. XD

Happy crafting everyone!


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