Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Turkey day for all who celebrate. I’ll have a few pictures to share with you, but I havent taken them yet but I soon will as we head to my family’s house for the annual dinner.
By the by, I think I’m going to win the unofficial, unannounced bake-off/cook-off for best presentation.. Which is a first since usually what I cook tastes pretty good but isn’t awesome looking. XD

Have a great day everyone.



So I haven’t been the best blogger recently. I also haven’t written a full pattern in a while. I take notes of HOW I do things if I have to make a copy of a part, but I haven’t written a full pattern. >.< Soon, I swear. Hopefully. XD

But I do wanna share what I haven't lately.
I got into perler beads (remember where I said Pinterest is my downfall? Right. I saw perler beads on there and they had a sale right before Halloween on some of the halloween kits.. so I picked them up)

so I made those from the kits. I also made a fox, but I dont have a picture of it.
Well, actually, the ghost I kinda just sorta figured it out… But still! It’s kinda fun to have these silly little things. Now to make snowflakes for Christmas.

Then I made this little thing with crochet thread. I don’t remember what size hook I used, something small, cause I don’t really like working with thread.. mostly cause I’m not used to it and it is so small that I feel frustrated that I cant see it. So, it was a test of “can I use this?” Especially since I do feel I’m getting better the more I crochet.

I can!

But what to do with it? It’s small and I didn’t frog it… Hmm.. Well, I had recently acquired a Twila doll from Monster High (I may be a child at heart and I watch things like Monster High.) So, I tried to put it on the doll as a skirt.. well, it was a little too big for that, but it did make a nice shawl sort of thing.

And as you can see, crazily enough, it matches her outfit and hair. Double score!

I never did go get resin by the by.. I want to, I just haven’t yet.

Anyway, happy crafting everyone. Experiment away!

Scale Glove(s)

So, I’m having a hard time keeping up with getting my projects DONE.
I start a bunch and then run around all the time, and then finish a few here and there then run around some more.. and start more projects. >.>
Like, yesterday I watched hours of youtube videos on resin. like how to use it. Then I was looking up how to make molds. Mind you, I don’t HAVE resin, but I was thinking of a project and I saw someone who made something and they said they used resin and now its like “oh! I need to try that!”

Pinterest is also my downfall as I swear I spend more time “pinning” projects than actually doing them.

ANYWAY, I saw these awesome Scale Mail Gloves on Ravelry. I drooled over them. I wanted them. But I can’t knit.. One day maybe, but I can’t NOW so that’s the issue.

Me being me, I did some research and found where scales can be bought (The Ring Lord for anyone who is interested) and how to make gloves (as I have never) and just general random pattern research on the how does it work variety.

I ordered my scales and they came in a few weeks ago. I petted tehm for a few days. I dug my fingers into the bag and let them clink as they slipped out my fingers. I was scared. (I also bought the cheapest scales I could find because if it didn’t work whatwas I going to do with all these scales???)

I couldn’t take it anymore. I started.

I got to there and looked at them andwent “NO NO NO!” all WRONG!” and I frogged it. I started again, now with a better idea of how it was supposed to look and how I’m supposed to add scales.

Finally, I had my glove:

The trick is skipping stitches in between placing the scales so that they lay flat. XD (and doignore my rather messy table tops.)

I also left the inside void of scales:

so that I wouldn’t have to worry about stabbing myself
(and since I crochet in the round without that beginning ch, it made it easier for me so I didn’t have to worry about placing the scales.)

But, now I still have the second glove tomake, even though I’ve scribbled down basically what I did. It’s just there are so many projects to be done.

Happy Crafting ya’ll!


There’s this trend with me.
Or well, maybe I think it is a trend.
People who end up being my friend long enough start to say Moose. or give me a moose. Or talk about moose.
And I don’t usually say it, or talk about it, or anything. (Until it comes up again and then I’m like “MOOSE!!!” and “EVERYTHING MOOSE”)
I think it started in high school. Then my friend gave me a moose key chain. Then my old roommate would just randomly say “moose” like a catcall. Now another friend of mine is going “moose” a lot. No context. Just saying Moose.
Anyway, it seemed like the world was trying to tell me I had to make a moose.


Plus, I used the moose for the hoax challenege. XD Basically, there was this organization that went around talking about Animal nakedness being indecent and they wanted to put clothes on all the animals. This of course was a hoax, but people bought into it and supported it. So, in honor of that, I made a moose in a sweater.

On another note, November and December tend to be relatively busy months for me. Finals tend to all get slammed into a week or two as classes wrap up. Plus Christmas and Thanksgiving and Nanowrimo. I’ll try my best to post more, but I make no guarantees. XD

Happy crafting everyone!