Oliver the Awkward Dragon

Lately, I’ve been joining lots of ravelry groups. One of the groups has all these challenges/themes that you have to figure out what to make something to. AS I made the Weeping Angel for a different challenge in a different group, and I enjoyed it, I decided to have my hand at another challenge: Mythical Beasts. Well, that and I wanted to send a dragon to a friend. (My dragons will take over the world! bwahahaha! >.>)

So, thus was born Oliver:

He’s rather awkward as he’s glittery and fluffy and multicolored. He also doesn’tlike his name because it is not as cool as say, Smaug. (So says Oliver at least. I just ignored him and told him Oliver was a great name for a dragon)

The ears and tail I made using fun fur.
I made his wings similar to how I made the angel wings, but instead of doing 3 rows, I stuck to 2 and alternated the upper layer colors.

And underneath I used this grey fluffy-ish yarn for the wings:

Oliver is loosely based off of the Fierce Little dragon pattern by Lucy Ravenscar.
I didn’t openteh pattern, but as I’ve used it a few times, I’m know that I basically started it the same. xD

Anyone else like themes ofr their projects?
Happy crafting you all.