Don’t Blink.

Hi all!
I love Doctor Who. Before I started school, they had reruns of the reboot over and over again. As I had a lot of free time, I started watching it. I’d catch the random episode here or there, because it was something to watch while I was waiting for something else to come on, or well, to waste time. The episodes that haunted me were ones featuring the Weeping Angels. (Well, that and Midnight, but how do you make something where the monster is invisible?) It was from there that I absolutely fell in love with Doctor Who. (and I started watching it in order completely) Anyway, because of this, I decided to make my favorite monster, the Weeping Angel. That being said, DON’T BLINK. 😛

so, I ended up using 3 different shades of yarn to give the angel some dimension. Mostly this was in the wings, but I used two different ones for the hair (the lighter one and the medium one I used for the rest of it). I also made the body and the dress separately.

Side view.

Hair. I made a bunch of crochet chains and used them to tie the hair back with that. I will eventually be using some glue to hold down the bun.

Right. So, I wrote down a pattern for nearly everything except for the dress.. I kinda got distracted working on it and didn’t take track like I should have.

Follow me for a patterh:

1. magic ring – 5 sc
2. inc in every stitch – 10
3. Inc, sc – repeat around – 15
4. inc, 2 sc – repeat around – 20
5. inc, 3 sc – repeat around – 25
6. inc, 4 sc – repeat around – 30
7 – 11. sc around
12. boggle (5 st), then sc around the rest of the way
13. sc around
14. dec, 4 sc – repeat – 25
15. dec, 3 sc – repeat – 20
16. dec, 2 sc – repeat – 15
17. dec, sc – repeat – 10
18. dec around – 5.
(before you get to the last couple of rows, place the eyes somewhere above the boggle stitch which stimulates the nose)

1. magic ring – 5 sc
2. inc in every stitch – 10
3. Inc, sc – repeat around – 15
4. inc, 2 sc – repeat around – 20
5. inc, 3 sc – repeat around – 25
6- 16. sc around
17. dec, 3 sc – repeat – 20
18. dec, 2 sc – repeat – 15
19. dec, sc – repeat – 10
20 – 21. sc around
22. T.O.
Insert dowel rod through neck of body and into the head where you see fit.

Arms: (Make 2)
1. magic ring – 5 sc
2. inc in every stitch – 10
3-4. sc around
5. 3 sc, boggle (5 st), sc around
6. sc around
7. dec, 3 sc, dec, 3 sc – 8
8 – 18. sc around.
(I put some wire into the arms and use it to bend into the shape)

Legs: (Make 2)
1. magic ring – 5 sc
2. inc in every stitch – 10
3. Inc, sc – repeat around – 15
4. inc, 2 sc – repeat around – 20
5. sc around
6. dec x4, sc around – 16.
7. sc, dec, sc around – 15.
8 – 19. sc around,

Wing Frame (Make 2):
1. magic ring – 4 sc.
2. inc, sc, inc, sc – 6 sc
3. sc around
4. inc, 2 sc, inc, 2 sc – 8 sc
5 – 17. sc around
18. Inc, 3 sc, inc, 3 sc – 10.
19. Inc, 4 sc, inc, 4 sc – 12
20. Inc, 5 sc, repeat – 14.

Long (5/wing of dark grey) :
1. Ch. 11
2. 6 sc, 3 hdc, (3 dc in last stitch)

Medium (2/wing of dark grey and 2/wing of medium grey):
1. ch. 9
2. 4 sc, 3 hdc, (3 dc in last stitch)

Short (4/wing of medium grey and 2/wing of light grey):
1. ch. 7
2. 2 sc, 3 hdc, (3 dc in last stitch)

Extra Short: (3/wing of light grey)
1. ch. 5
2. Sc, 2 hdc, (3 dc in last stitch)

You can adjust the number of feathers per wing as you feel fit. When I stitched them onto the frame, I put the dark on the bottom with the longest toward the tip and the shorter feathers toward the body. I hope it make sense.

Overall, what I did was take the light grey (and then the medium when I used up my light grey) and latch hook them to the head. I twisted them and curled that into a bun which I secured by making chains and stitching them around the bun.
For the curl in front (make 2 of these by the by):
1. ch 4
2. sc, I. sc – 4

Then for around the head in the front:
1. ch 32.
2. sc in each – 31.

There you have my basic body. For the dress.. I started off like this for the top and then I lost what I was doing.. >.<
1. Ch 30. Sl st the ends together.
2. sc around
3. Ch 1. Inc with dc, 12 dc, dc Inc, dc rest of the way around
4. dc Inc, 10 dc, dc inc, 10 dc, dc inc, dc to end (And this is where I got lost on what I was doing.. or around here)
5. dc dec, dc, dc dec, 2 dc, dc dec, 3 dc.. etc..
After that I dec until it was pretty tight against the body and I tied off. I then went and made the straps which were slip stitched to the top of the shirt part and chained until it slip stitched to the back.

For the bottom part:
I slip stitched ot the end of the top then sc around..
I increased every other stitch or so for the next row.
I chained 1 and dc the next row.. I think I did some dc inc around there too..
After that, I double crocheted around and around until the feet were covered when I pulled the dress up slightly so that the top covered it in that poofy way.
The last row I sc around.

And there you have it! Sorry I didn't take better notes for the dress. I got caught up in what I was doing so I totally blanked.


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