Don’t Blink.

Hi all!
I love Doctor Who. Before I started school, they had reruns of the reboot over and over again. As I had a lot of free time, I started watching it. I’d catch the random episode here or there, because it was something to watch while I was waiting for something else to come on, or well, to waste time. The episodes that haunted me were ones featuring the Weeping Angels. (Well, that and Midnight, but how do you make something where the monster is invisible?) It was from there that I absolutely fell in love with Doctor Who. (and I started watching it in order completely) Anyway, because of this, I decided to make my favorite monster, the Weeping Angel. That being said, DON’T BLINK. 😛

so, I ended up using 3 different shades of yarn to give the angel some dimension. Mostly this was in the wings, but I used two different ones for the hair (the lighter one and the medium one I used for the rest of it). I also made the body and the dress separately.

Side view.

Hair. I made a bunch of crochet chains and used them to tie the hair back with that. I will eventually be using some glue to hold down the bun.

Right. So, I wrote down a pattern for nearly everything except for the dress.. I kinda got distracted working on it and didn’t take track like I should have.

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