One needle or two?

I found out rather late in the day that today is I Love Yarn day. (I may also be completely oblivious about all things, so that’s not too much of a surprise.)

To celebrate, I decided to try knitting again.

I’ve tried it a few times and I drop stitches all the time. but then again, I am learning and I know I’m hard on myself with these things. I want things to be PERFECT the first time and when they aren’t, I get frustrated with myself.

Anyway, knitting kinda mystifies me. Its two sticks with no hooks, so it is a wonder to me that the yarn stays on. With crochet, I at least have the hook to grab onto the yarn.

Which do you prefer and why? Any advice for a person who is trying to learn either knitting (or crochet?)

My advice for crochet is to start with a big hook, (K or L or N even) and a simple yarn. It lets you see the knots better than smaller hooks. Also, pay attention to what the yarn calls for. Its okay to go up in size, but to go down in size makes it a little tougher to work with (to near impossible.)