The other day, I went to put one of my pictures on pinterest because I wanted to show someone. I had a hard time doing this, because for whatever reason pinterest wasn’t reading the page right and it wasn’t pulling up pictures (I didn’t register the pinterest button on the bottom of posts.. Sometimes, I’m a little slow with social media)

So, I decided to see if it would read ANYTHING on my blog.

I was (pleasantly) surprised that a few of my patterns made it to pinterest. Seriously, I was floored and stared at the page wondering “how did you get here???” Well, I know HOW, but it was still surprising to see people thought they were worthy of a pin.

ANYWAY, right. That was my little adventure in pinterest land.

Beyond that, I tore apart a shawl I was making because I didn’t like how it was starting to look.. and I made a head for something. and I’ve actually been cooking! I made quiche a couple of times for people in my class, which came out pretty awesome if you do ask me, and now I’m making green bean casserole for a pot luck. (I actually CAN cook, I just don’t like the clean up AFTER cooking so I have a hard time justifying to myself that I should cook.. I getbored of the same meal all week. Which is what tends to happen when I cook just for myself)

I also realized this week how bad my social anxiety gets. To the point where I make myself a nervous wreck over something that is silly. Well, not SUPER silly, but silly enough.

Right, then. Enough of my rambles. I am a happy dragon. XD

Happy crafting y’all.


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