So, I made someone quasi famous…

Remember a while ago I mentioned I got the book AmiguruMe and I made a person from it?
I never did finish him.
and I didn’t exaaaaaaaactly make a random person. I made someone famous. Or semi famous? I dunno these things! But I was bored, so I wanted to make him, but I never did finish. Mainly the shoes and the sweater. So he sat unfinished in my closet of things since that last post, as I was lazy and didn’t wanna try to figure out the rest. Plus the hood part of the jacket stumped me.

And it still stumpoed me. I made it too long, so it kinda looks more like something Little Red Riding Hood would wear than a modern male.. >.> But it’s still better than nothing.. so yeah.

If you’d wanna make a hood for your creations, basically you chain double what would be the length from shoulders to head, then I double crocheted a handful of times (I should added another row or two). Then you fold it over and stitch the two ends together. Insta-hood! XD

RIGHT, anyway.. Here he is. I still wanna add a few tiny details to the hoodie and the shirt, but overall, I’m happy with how he looks.

I made him a little microphone to go with him.. out of fimo clay.

the shoes. His legs are a little too thin and not firm enough to hold him up on his own, so do ignore the stick that is helping him stand.

And there he is.

Take a guess who it is. XD We’ll make it a game, right?

Anyway, happy crafting ya’ll.


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