Adjustments and revisits..

This week has been a little strange. I’ve been running around a lot, and been really tired.

I also started 4 different projects and have a list of projects to make for people… Most because I needed ideas of things to make.

But first, to revisit an old pattern. XD as I mentioned before, every time I make a ninja turtle, someone else asks me to make one.

So, I’m making 2 (well, almost done with one and havent started the other) for a classmate who helped me out amazingly the other day and a faculty member at our school.

Anyway, I should have some pictures later on.
I just wanted to make a note about the ninja turtle pattern:
First, as I’m using a different yarn, I made the belly with less rows since it is a thicker yarn. you can also put more rows into it. (the same goes with your turtle shell inside.
Secondly, I didn’t like how the arms and legs looked with only 7 rows, so I added extra rows to it (Ithink I did 9…)
So, you can add and subtract as you see fit and as your yarn allows.


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