Adventures in Bath Bombs!

A few years ago, my cousin introduced me to bath bombs. And they seemed really cool and fun and a little crazy.

Well, random searches had me find a recipe for bath bombs (or bath fizzies if you’d prefer) and I had to try it.. Except.. whenever I went to the store, I couldn’t find citric acid.
Well, I was studying, so I didn’t look all THAT hard for it either

Mind you, when I stress, I tend to buy random things on amazon.. So, this past week.. or was it last week? Anyway, as I was saying, while studying, I bought citric acid powder on amazon.

Cept.. Ditzy me shipped it to my parents house and not to my apartment here.

Which meant I had to wait to try making bath bombs. Cause honestly, I have no idea what else I could use citric acid for.

For a recipe this time, as I guess I didn’t bookmark the other one I had, I used this site.
For my ingredients, I gathered my citric acid, my epsom salt, and I have a lavender essential oil thats used for soap making (Don’t get me started in my adventures in soap making! It was a mess and a half).. but.. I didn’t have baking soda.

So, my friend was going to walmart and I tagged along just for a thing of baking soda. I ended up walking out with paint, baking soda, and a hot pink pencil case for my crochet stuff… This is why I shouldn’t go shopping…

But alas, I could not try making my bath bombs last night, as it was late and I had to study for a test early this morning.

So, I totally forgot I had all the makings for trying out bathbombs until about an hour ago (I’ll post this post later though, so you can see the final FINAL product!)

All the supplies after the mixing and shaping has been done.

First, I shook up all my dry mixes and then I added my wet mixes to the dry like the girl said.. since I was only making a measuring cup full of stuff, I may have added too much wet mixture (actually, I KNOW I did..)
And I decided to try to make them into little bunny shapes.. this was before I read the entire recipe of course… So, I walk back into the kitchen, where these supposedly mini bunnies are all POOFING OUT and I nearly scream and start pushing them down, to no effect. I then try to bake them to dry them out a little.. yeaaah.. that didn’t really work.. Silly me, the chemist, over here, should remember that most reactions speed up when heated… (I may be worn out and not all that smart after taking lots of tests in a row)

So, I added more baking soda to it, deciding that it was the best course of action, and tried stuffing the bunnies again. I then stuffed an egg as well with some of the remainder..

Bunnies ahoy!

Now to wait and see what happens.
So, I let them sit and dry about an hour or so before I popped them out. Some of the bunnies broke when I took them out, but the material was still moist enough that I just shoved them into eggs so I was able to make a full egg and then half a base from the broken bunnies.. well, another full egg that is.

They’re a little blobby, but not bad for a first try! I need to go test them in the bath soon. XD

Happy crafting everyone!


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Bath Bombs!

  1. The title of your post made me laugh – I’ve never heard of bath bombs before, so I googled them and they do sound interesting, if slightly alarming from the name. 🙂 I like the bunny cookie cutters, those would make such cute cookies (I assume you’re not going to eat the bath bombs!) I think they turned out great, and I hope they work well in the bath. 🙂

    • Lol. they’re also called bath fizzies.. but I dunno. I always liked the way bath bomb rolls off the tongue.. >.> But yeah, they are pretty cool.. i never really used onebefore.. we’d just see them and she’d explain and she’d buy them.. but.. I dunno.. I never got around to buying any. But I did see a recipe for them and thought they’d make good christmas gifts.. so, I needed to test run it. XD

      And thanks! I think I only used them once for brownies… because.. they definitely are harder for me to use! they worked great for the bath bombs though! And yeah, it seemed to.. I gave a lot of the little bunnies away at school today. I brought the ones that didn’t break (minus a few for a friend at home) and was like “GUYS GUYS. SMELL THIS.” and I gave some away when people were like “ooo!!!” and were really interested.. cause.. I also got a lot of funny looks. >.>

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