Tales of a Gypsy Witch

My grandfather used to call my grandmother a gypsy witch.
He swore she’d curse people. And while we’d all laugh, his words had some merit as crazy things like to happen to my family.
Now, whether it’s that sometimes karma can come around to bite someone in the behind and we’d just all point and say “it was this!”, or the universe conspires to make things so, or whatever the case may be, weird things happen and they usually tend to happen in threes.

Case in point:
Finals. So, my friend was coming into town the day I took a final. I had to do laundry before she got there, and I walk out of the laundry room to find I had a completely flat tire (and a final the next day.) First thing I do is tear apart my trunk, starting to dig out the spare so I can at least get home and to the final. Luckily, I find a can of fix-a-flat, so I use that. and Fine. Dandy. Great. The car will get me to school and then to the shop to get it fixed. That’s all I need it to do, right? WEll, the universe can’t have enough with just that. I then try to vacuum and the vacuum cleaner starts smoking. Whatever. again, no big deal, I call it a day and go to sleep to deal with it all the next day AFTER I take my final.
Then everything seems to go smoothly. Well, a nut broke off the wheel, but the mechanic said they’d fix it I just had to wait for the part to come in. No biggie, except.. my friend will be there for the weekend, and then I have more finals and boards the following week. But again, no biggie since it’s not like I was running my car all over the country. I get the bolt fixed at my earliest possible convenience which was a few days later.. but it’s fixed.
So, now I’m thinking, okay: tire, bolt, and vacuum. Threes. All within a day of each other. Right. Got it. All should go smoothly now!

Cut to a week later (Today), with another final the day after (and a final the day after that, followed by taking my boards the following day).

First, I was studying and I got through what I wanted to get through so I said “Done. Tired. Going home to rest and destress” (I may have also been all emotional all day..) I go to start my car, battery won’t start. Luckily, I’m able to grab someone to help me jump my car, where I then take it to get the battery tested and replaced as there is no way I’m risking dealing with a dead battery the next morning. New battery, everything should be set, right? So I finally go home where I decide the best use of my time is to play video games and not think for a while. Now there’s a knock on my door. What? Mind you, I’m in pjs that aren’t really appropriate for company (See: They have lots of holes cause they are comfy), so I go and change into pants real fast and then I go answer the door to find my neighbor. Apparently my brake lights are on. I go grab my keys and investigate. The lights are off, when I hit the brakes, those don’t do anything. After a little digging in my trunk, and without the right wrenches to pull off the plug to the battery (is it called a plug? Whatever, the cord to it) I go to the store to get some and bother a classmate to help me in case the battery dies again. That’s all somewhat fixed (I’ll take it to the mechanic here soon, again) and on the way home, this frog falls smack into the middle of my window (it lived to tell the tale.)

Now, now all I can do is laugh and look at the sky and shake my head. Really, universe? Really?? Frogs now?

Maybe it’s having the blood of a gypsy witch and the universe sensing my high stress and tossing more at me just because I’m pulling it upon myself. Maybe its my grandma, wherever her soul may be, reminding me not to stress and that there will always be something else going on by tossing these ridiculous events at me. Maybe its my cousin, wherever he finds his peace, trying to push my buttons.

All I know is that I better ace my boards and finals with all the crazy stuff going on the last two weeks.

Also, life is pretty hilarious, and a lot more interesting, when you believe in gypsy witch powers. XD


2 thoughts on “Tales of a Gypsy Witch

  1. Gypsy witch powers do make life more interesting, I would think (having not encountered any gypsy witches yet in life.) It’s kind of funny how things come in threes – your experience is a great example! It’s hard not stressing, it’s great that you have the universe reminding you. 🙂 Wonderful post!

    • XD it was always something we’d laugh about, the gypsy witch thing. But then something weird would happen that was just.. a little too far fetched to just be chance.. and it was always like “Well.. maybe this isnt a joke?”
      But yeah. So far, no other issues with my car! We’ll see though! The universe owes me one though with all the bad luck with my car. XD

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