In case you haven’t realized, I like anything fantasy related. Unicorns, griffins, dragons (which are my favorite), witches and wizards, elves.. you name it, I love it. Which, made me excited to find out that my swap partner liked unicorns as well..

Needless to say, I had to make one for her.

So, in this guy, I stitched on the eyes, but you could totally put in safety eyes and it would look awesome (just make sure you put the safety eyes in before you close off and stuff the head.)


Two different yarns: one for the body and a white for the horn(if you want a traditional unicorn, go for an off white, then for the horn use a sparkly white or something.. or you could make the horn tan.. either way)
Fun fur in your choice (or you can attach the main how you’d like)
Safety eyes if you’d like

1. Magic ring – 5sc
2. inc in every stitch – 10
3. inc, sc – repeat around – 15
4. inc, sc, sc – repeat around – 20
5 – 11. sc around
12. dec, 2sc – around- 15
13. dec, 1sc – around – 10
14. dec around – 5

1. Magic ring – 5sc
2. inc in every stitch – 10
3. inc, sc – repeat around – 15
4. inc, sc, sc – repeat around – 20
5 – 6. sc around
7. dec, 2sc – around- 15
8. dec, 1sc – around – 10

1. 5 ch
2. sc in second chain from hook, 2sc, 3sc in next, 3 sc, 2sc in next, 2sc.
3 – 5. Sc around.

1. Magic ring – 5sc
2. inc in every stitch – 10
3 – 5. sc around

Legs x4 :
1. Magic ring – 5sc
2. inc in every stitch – 10
3. inc, sc – repeat around – 15
4. sc around
5. dec 4x, sc to end – 11 st
6. sc, dec, sc to end – 10
7 – 13. sc around
Tie off.

1. Magic ring – 4 sc.
2. inc, sc, inc, sc – 6
3. inc, sc, sc, inc, sc,sc, – 8
4 – 5/6. sc around

For the mane/tail I just took the fun fur and chained a bit to make it about the length of the neck/how long I wanted the tail to be, then sc up the side of it before t.o.

Remember to stuff the pieces before you finish them, and if you put safety eyes in, then do that before you stuff the head.

Stitch together as you see fit.

7 thoughts on “Unicorn

  1. Oh, I love this unicorn so much! All I can think about is Agnes from Despicable Me carting around that oversized unicorn. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for sharing the pattern!

  2. Hi there. I’m trying to make one of your unicorns and I can’t figure out how to make the nose. Can you give any tips? I’ve done it twice and taken it out twice. Thanks!

    • ah. Man, okay. So basically what I did was I made a chain then I went ENTIRELY around the chain. like, I started on one side and then continued over to the other.

      Since I know crochet sometimes needs a visual, and youtube is my favorite friend when I try to explain something (or learn something new), this video might help you: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7KZ5Ui-ywlI

      **I didn’t make the video, but that’s basically how I make ovals, which was the foundation of my nose.

      When I wrote 3 sc in next, that should be your turn so you go around the chain.

      Hope all that helps, let me know if it did and if you need anything else. I’dlove to see pictures when you finish it.

      • Thank you for your reply. I kept trying and did what you described above and went all the way around and made an oval. I’ll try to add a photo when I get one.

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