Lots of Good Fun: Thing 1 and 2 style

As I mentioned before, I participated in that swap and I actually did a fairly decent job of keeping scribbles of what I did! So, to start, here is the pattern I wrote up for Thing 1 and 2:

White (or off white) yarn
Blue fun fur/eyelash yarn (I think mine was colbalt)
Red yarn.
Black embroidery thread.

HEad with white:
1. Start with a magic ring with 5 sc
2. Inc in every stitch – 10
3. inc in first, sc, repeat – 15
4. inc, sc, sc, repeat – 20
5. Inc, sc, sc, sc, repeat – 25
6 – 9. sc around (25 st)
10. Sc 4x, bobble (6 st), sc around to end
11. sc around
12.dec, 3sc, repeat – 20
13. dec, 2sc, repeat – 15
14. dec, 1sc, repeat – 10` 15. dec around

Hair: With blue
Hair cap: ring sc 6
inc in each – 12
Inc, sc, repeat – 18
inc, sc, sc, repeat – 24
inc, 3 sc, repeat – 30
inc, 4, sc, repeat – 36
sc around
t.o. sew to head..

Body: With red
Starting with feet: (make 2)
1. sc 5 in magic ring
2. inc in each – 10
3. inc, 1 sc, repeat – 15
4. sc around 1x
5. dec, dec, dec, dec, sc around – 11
6. 1 sc, dec, sc in each – 10
7 – 15. sc around (if you want shorter or longer legs, add or subtract rows here)
T.O. first leg, seconmd one continue.
16. attach to first leg with sc – 20 sc (basically you sc around one and then jump to the other and sc around)
17 – 27. sc around
28. dec, sc in next 2, repeat – 15
29. dec, sc – 10
30. dec around – 5

arm: x2 (red)
1. 4sc in magic ring
2. 2 in first, sc – 6st
3. sc around
4. sc x2, bobble (5st), sc rest of way around – 6
5 – 12. sc around

Stuff all the pieces as you go.. Stitch to body so that the “Thumbs” of the arms point outwards and the “feet” face forward. I stitched on eyes for them, as my recipient has a little kid running around. You can also use safety eyes (if you are going to add safety eyes, do so before you finish the head and place them somewhere above the bobble stitch) and stitch on a smile with the embroidery thread.. When you stitch the head to the body, you can also shove a dowel rod (you can pick these up in the craft section of walmart) through the head and the body to give some support.

Happy crafting!


2 thoughts on “Lots of Good Fun: Thing 1 and 2 style

    • Thank you so much! Eyelash yarn is a lot of fun for hair! I have yet to use it for anything else though.. I try, but I get distracted. >.>

      I’m still working on my other post. >.<

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