It runs in the family.

When I first learned to crochet, it was my mother teaching me the basics. “This is a chain stitch, this is a single crochet, this is a double.” I tried for a little bit, tossed it aside as too hard.

The second time was after a family heartache. I could barely function I was so upset. My mom sat down again, showing me again (years later), “This is a chain, this is a single, this is a double.” That first piece I did………. Pretty gnarly. I lost stitches on the sides (it was going to be a scarf!) and I was really bad at changing colors (I’m still not the best at it) and I was so proud that I was able to make a blobby rectangle.

I showed my mother, and she pointed out that I lost stitches. She tried to teach me increase and decrease. In… typical me fashion, I tried this, got frustrated when I looked at my now critiqued work, put it aside and started something new, this time paying attention to what I was doing.

I made a lot of scarves those first two years.

Now, all my years of growing up with my mom, I never saw her holding a crochet needle beyond when she was teaching me how to. Granted, since then, she’s half repicked up crochet in her own right, making little dollhouse hats with the cotton thread… I tried to make little things for her, but I do like the bigger pieces that I make.

It was also my mother, when I showed her the amigurumi pattern I was drooling over, who told me to try it. I learned magic rings from youtube. I relearned increase and decrease from my mom. I learned more than my mom ever knew as I looked up more and more weird random stitches, sometimes on my own because I see something that looks interesting and my mind likes to tear things apart to understand them, even if I will never make them.

However, when I started school here about three years ago, it was my aunt (my mom’s sister) who handed me the greatest thing. You see, my dad’s mom used to knit (this was no secret to me, as my mom had said such before.) She knew how to crochet, but she used to knit all the time. When my older cousin was born, not even HER grandchild, my grandmother made him a baby blanket. I fussed and didn’t want to take such a great thing. But holding something of my cousin’s that my grandmother made was just surreal. I never remember seeing this thing my entire childhood, but I appreciated the gift, taking it here with me, putting out of a wandering, curious kitten’s way all the time.

It’s neat that she even used blue ribbon in the same shade for the border.

Anyway, anyone learn crochet or knitting from their family? Anyone else have pieces from random relatives that makes you smile, just looking at it?


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