In which I am a terrible blogger.

I’ve had this post planned in my head for days.
but I kept telling myself I was going to write it up “tomorrow.” Then this “tomorrow” would become “today” and then I’d be like “eh.. I’m tired. I had clinic and studying.. It can wait another day.”

It’s not even like it takes as much effort as some of my other posts! I already had the pictures uploaded, I already knew what I wanted to talk about, and I was really excited to show everyone my work, but then I just didn’t feel like typing up a post.
Which makes no sense as I type all the time. And I talk to people via chat program and what not, which is MORE typing and talking.. So why was this so hard to do this week? Your guess is as good as mine.

Anyways, remember that yarn I was talking about my mom bought? I made a scarf with it! (I actually found another skein of it in this bag of yarn she gave me. I don’t know what I’m going to do with a second skein!)

So, Wild Stuff comes looking something like this (I might have started poking at it and got it out of its super pretty state.. but its not tangled!)

And like I mentioned before, its all different sorts of yarns in a skein. All different textures and what not, but they are generally a theme. This one is called Orient Express (I apparently had two half skeins of this.. I used one.. This is the other one)

And once I got the OTHER skein untangled it looked like this:

I really like how it came out. Even when I hated untangling it, and I grumbled about some of the yarns, and well, lots of little things during this project. I’ve actually just been rather grumbly in general.. but yeah.

Eh.. I kinda want to talk about dental stuff here.. well, board stuff.. because then it’d be a place to hold myself accountable.. but I doubt anyone really cares about it.


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