So, I really wanted to have something cool to show all you.
I realllly did.
But we started back in school this week, the schedule is killer. and I walk out with a headache/sore throat/some other issue because I’m stuck there in a tiny little operatory all day.

but anyway, when I went home, I found something cool. It’s a yarn called “Wild Stuff” by Prism. And its all these different yarns and strings adn what not tied together in a specific color scheme to make a project. Since they have textured yarns and stringsin there, in order to keep a fairly similar gage, at times two strands are tied together and run together. At other times, its only one, and other times it can be 3 or 4. I have no idea where this yarn came from. So I pulled it out from where I found it, took it out into the living room and showed my mom.
She has no idea where it came from either. Then she half remembers buying it at the flea market. So, me being the wonderfully patient person I am… (not)… I immediately without looking up anything about this yarn, start untying it and trying to find the ends.
What I did instead was made a huge knotted ball of all these different strings and yarns.

Only after I did this specialness that I normally do, did I bother to look it up to figure out what was going on with this yarn.

I then found out that some online places sell a half skein (which is what I had) for $50 or more. My mother she probably paid a dollar or something for it, because the guy didn’t realize what he had. Crazy, really.

and that I was stupid for not winding it into a ball and finding the tied together ends.. but that’s neither here nor there.

I’ve spend the last week untangling strand after strand. I’m still not done, but I’m getting a really cool scarf out of the process. The very slow, very tiring, process.

Anyway, I might go on hiatus for a little bit. I reallly hate the idea of doing this, but between school and studying for boards, I realize I don’t have near enough time to make something every week and wave it around going “LOOKIE!!!” granted, I’m still making things, just rihgt now I cant SHOW you them.. and I definite do not have the time to make more than 1 little thing at a time now.


Have a great week everyone, and until next time!


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