So, I actually enjoy making heads. I like thinking what the hair looks like, how will this fit here, or there. Bodies are fun in their own weird way, but they usually complement the head for me. The head is what makes my piece recognizable.

Or at least somewhat recognizable.

I’ve also recently really started to enjoy making the hair with fun fur. I hated the stuff, swore I’d never be able to use it as I’d always get it tangled and it just took me longer in general to crochet it.

But then… I dunno WHAT happened. Maybe because I’ve been forcing myself to use it. Oh, I still add an extra stitch or two somewhere in there where there shouldn’t be extra stitches, but since its usually for hair, I don’t mind too much as long as it fits and looks all crazy-like.

And honestly, it does make some epic looking “hair”

What is your favorite thing to make? What is your favorite thing to do to make “hair” (if you make hair that is)?

I’m still working on patterns for you all. I just forgot my notebook whihdh means I don’t have the scribble for the head for the lion. >.<


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