Sometimes, being creative is awesome. You have all these ideas and plans of what you want to do and stories and well, everything, just invading your mind and running amok.

Other times, it’s not so fun. Mostly because I look around my apartment and its torn to shreds as I went hunting through the bin of yarn or the drawer of yarn, or that pile of papers over there which I still can’t bring myself to throw away (mostly notes and what not) because the second I do, I just KNOW I’ll use something in that pile (most likely not), because I either LOST something or I am looking for something specific I haven’t seen in “days” (most likly weeks if not months.)

So, in order to keep my mind a little more organized than my mostly chaotic apartment (which is now a touch more clean and organized), I make lists. Lists of what I want to do. It’d probably help more if I actually WROTE down these lists instead of going by memory but I usually keep them short and to the point of what I need to do and when I need to do it by. (The “when” gets a bit wobbly as I’m a procrastinator and sometimes I watch deadlines go “Woooosh” and come up with a new one.. at least self imposed deadlines.)

My “working” list right now:
1. Finish my person. He still needs feet. I still have not made them. Then I started making him a jacket. It looks really cool, but it needs another sleeve which I have not made, then I need to snip the few ends I have that are more or less already threaded back through the piece. >.> Soon.
2. I’m working on a pattern for a lion to share. Something simple and fun and I thought it would be a nice addition since I haven’t tried to make a pattern in a while. >.> I have a head for my lion. That’s as far as I got..
3. Sewing. I cannot sew and I am trying to fix this.
4. Studying.. (this one usually gets put ot the top of the list more often than not)
5. anything else that pops into my head that NEEDS to be done THIS minute (usually NOT creative and usually my remembering that OMG I have to go get food (usually the cat reminds me of this.. as she is very demanding and likes her wet food VERY much) or I have to run this errand and pay that bill!)

We also had exam week this week, and instead of studying like a good student (I totally crammed last minute for all the exams), and instead of working on my list and trying knock items off so I could add more items, I decided I wanted to play video games. -.-;;

So, needless to say, my post this week is more of a non-post.

Anyone else like to watch their self imposed deadlines fly by? Anyone else live in functional disorder?


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