Remember when I said I ordered AmiguruME by Allison Hoffman from Crafty is Cool?
Right. So I just got to making a person from it. (Still working on it actually. I’m stuck on shoes! What shoe would my person like??? Plus I want to make him some accessories out of fimo, but I figured I’d show you what I had so far)

For hair, I used Fun Fur in black. I just made the wig cap and stitched it on. Looks kinda like Albert Einstein hair (which is what I was kind of going for)

I also tweaked her shirt tail pattern.. I didn’t like the way it hung down tight over the pants, so I added in a few stitches at the sides.. I’m still not 100% fond of the look of the shirt.. It’s one of those things with me, I like clothes to look like clothes and not be stitched onto the body.. but I will say this, it made working it up loads easier and faster than my own method.

So, the thing with the book is that it doesn’t tell you how to make a specific person. YOU have to pick the head shape, the body/clothes/shoes, you have to figure out the hair.. She gives her opinion on yarns and what she’d recommend in order to get a look, but you’re the one who has to take each bit and put it together. Cool, really.
In the beginning she also has a how to crochet section. I.. skipped over this section unless there was something I was like “Wait.. I know that.. but I haven’t used that in forever.. hmm.” (AKA. Bobble stitch. Speaking of bobble stitches, she says in her how to section that she’ll say how many to bobble in her patterns… Just go with 5 and you’ll be grand. XD)

Anyway, great book if you’re looking into making people. It’s fairly easy to follow, the only thing is you might spend more time trying to decide if you want your person to have X or Y than actually working on them. XD Not a bad situation to be in, really.

(Side story: While I was trying to take pictures, my cat decided the fabric was her new toy and kept attacking me, it, the half finished person.. What ever will you do with a cat?)

Lastly, I signed up for a swap! I’ve never done one before, but its new and it seemed like fun. Especially since it is Dr. Seuss themed. Check out Story Time Knits at ravelry if interested. So, if I don’t show you what I’m working on lately, you’ll know why. XD

Happy Crafting!


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