Birthdays, Tigers, and Tickets

First off: Today is my birthday.
What did I get for my birthday?? Too early to tell! Lol. But I got a lovely post incorporating “Science Genius Girl” lyrics and Bastille from my friend. Granted, that was yesterday, it was still super awesome and made me happy and is still making me happy now. ❤ her. My parents also came over to visit and they brought stag horns.
Yes, they had to bring them in yesterday because plants and the hot florida cars do not go well together. Beyond that, I get to hang out with my parents today after class and then my aunt and uncle and their dog are coming to visit (and terrorize my cat) so it’ll be a fun day.
I don’t know how many of you have a google account.. but its kind of neat.. I opened google and the Google image was birthday cakes. Me being me, I stared at it for a second before hovering over it to find out what today is (beyond my birthday that is) and GOOGLE was wishing ME a happy birthday!

How cool is that?

Over the weekend, I went and scored a pair of tickets to the Bastille concert somewhat close to here. Who’s excited? This girl!

(Totally nabbing this picture from tumblr because it is just perfect for my mood)
Pretty much me when I had them while my friend was like “uh..” But still, I was dancing inside and going “YAYS!!”
Right, but that’s not really what I wanted to post about.
Well, it is, if only for some more squee dancing going “concert! concert! woo!” lol. >.>

Anyway, right, real post.
I finished the tiger I was working on!
Check out this cutie:

I wanted to try using 12mm safety eyes instead of 9mm.. But I feel like his head just came out huge compared to his body in gneeral, so they don’t have that “I’m huuuge eyes in a tiny thing” look I wanted for them. I also, when I finished making him, realized that tigers have white faces/bodies… Err.. Well, I was way too tired to go back and fix this mistake, but I still like how he came out.

Side view:

Happy crafting y’all! Have a wonderful day!


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