Half finished projects

I don’t know if I mentioned this before: Big projects do not keep my attention.
Or maybe I just don’t have the patience required for them. It’s really hard for me to say what it is with me and them.
However, I have this blanket I was making:

Looks done right? But when you flip it over, theres all these ends hanging out. Every so often, I pick it up, pick up my yarn needle, and get to work hiding the ends. This blanket has been sitting around my living room in various stages of completion for almost three years now. At first, I just had the pile of circles done. Then I went back and added the boarder to all the cirlces and attatched them to each other.. Various stages of THAT were also sitting around my living room. Now the blanket sits there on my couch, mocking me, because I hate hiding ends. One day, it will be officially done.

Then the other thing that is half finished:

I was making a hook holder! It does work.. but you can see those pins still in it.. Each one is waaaaay off as I pinned it before I started stitching the spaces for the hooks in, and now I’m like “What was I thinking?? That’s waaay too much space here!” and I go back and fix it. I also kinda messed it up when I was sewing it, and now I have to hand stitch each slot instead of running it through the machine. A sewer, I am not. But its something fun to make, and therefore it will eventually get done. XD

What projects do you have lying around that give you the evil eye whenever you see them?


8 thoughts on “Half finished projects

  1. My sister and I call this knitshame, and you’re definitely not alone. I have a half-made granny square tetris blanket in a bin underneath one of the end tables in my living room. It’s been in there for an embarrassingly long time.

    • Lol. I don’t even want to think about the projects that aren’t even close to being finished that are in the random bin of yarn and things in my closet. XD It’s like “Buttttt… I’ll finish it evennnnnnnntually.. but look how shiney this new project is!!” I’m sure you’ll finish your tetris blanket eventually. XD

    • XD I tend to do better when I have a person in mind for my projects, but still, big projects usually tend to sit around in various stages of being worked on before they go into the “tote of doom” and I forget about them until I go diving through it.

  2. Oh the joy of weaving in ends…your afghan is going to look gorgeous when it’s done, but I totally understand the procrastination/agony of the end-weaving!

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