I don’t know how many of you have seen Nerdy Knitter Designs
Take a moment and go check out her work. It’s absolutely gorgeous. Anyway, I signed up to test out her Megamawile pattern… I will prolly sign up to test out more of her patterns (if I can catch them in time!) because I like them that much!

And her pictures puts mine to shame… But you can see what I did, that’s totally the point! >.>

I couldn’t find daffodil so I used Red Heart Super Saver: Bright Yellow. and I couldn’t find the bubblegum so I used Red Heart Super Saver: Pretty in Pink (I blame going to the store really late at night when all the craft stores were closed, but I wanted to get the yarns so I could start). The white.. I didn’t bother buying because I alllllways have a lot of white lying around… and I already had the light raspberry.. but I didn’t realize it was called that until I saw it in the store and I was like “oh! That’s sitting on my couch!”
I used a G hook throughout as well.. She might have had switching hooks at one point… I may have ignored this… Remember, the G is my favorite.. I do not know why.

The only real problem I had on this was joining a couple of pieces together. Mainly because I was tired, I thought the numbers she gave didn’t make sense. It was fine. I was just way too tired when I was working on it.

The other thing I did, because I am no good with felt, was crochet the eyes. But, if you print the pattern, she does have a sketch of how the eyes should look. And you can go to her website for a tutorial on it.
So, for my eyes what I did was:
white: 3sc magic ring
Red: inc in every stitch – 6 st
White – 2 in the first stitch, 1 in the next. ch and turn. going backwards a long the white.. I skipped the first stitch and sc the next two white sitches togehter. then I slip stitched and fo. I picked another red stitch where I’d be moving the white along and there were still 1-2 stitches between my last white stitch and where I started and repeated this last white part, kinda giving it the illusion of triangles. (this was fixed a little by stitching it to the doll)

One thing I do want to say, if you are just starting on amigurumi, I’d pick something a little easier than this. It’s not that it was HARD, or even hard to follow, its just that it has a lot of pieces and I’d consider it to be more of an intermediate pattern.. but then again.. I started with a piece I’d consider more intermediate, so if you feel up to it, go for it.

Last comment, the head gets fairly heavy. I’ve seen tutorials where they put a dowel rod through the body to the head to give it a little more stability… I’d totally recommend that for this pattern. I didn’t and I kinda have a bit of a floppy head problem XD

Overall, I’d recommend her patterns. You can buy Megamawile from her Ravelry shop

Happy crocheting!

Err.. Oops.. I totally forgot to post this the other day. I got distracted after I finished writing it up, and totally forgot to hit publish. -.-;;
I’ll post some more either tomorrow or the next day (when I take some more pictures) because I made another hat and another one of those lacey scarves.


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