Fimo and Hooks

Ever since I saw a how to on… instructibles? (I honestly do not remember where..) it has become one of my favorite things to make things with fimo. Around October, I made a few fimoclay magic wands (I totally recommend using a dowel rod in the middle). Then I saw another how to on how to make your crochet hook into a sword/wand/whatever. I then decided to make the Master Sword (from Zelda)

The hook in all it’s glory..

This has been one of my go to hooks for a while, but the little flaps were hurting my fingers.. that is until they fell off (as it obviously was not supposed to be used. ooops)
I then decided that I needed a hook with a thicker handle to help my fingers. I decided on purple, but I couldn’t just put fimo clay on a hook and call it that! So I jazzed it up a litlte, by using some silver.

Here you can see my purple hook with the now broken Master Sword… the master sword does work better though without the flaps. XD

In order to decorate your hooks, I buy the oven bake clay from the craft stores. You have to get the clay to be warmish (hold it and mold it in your hands until it is pliable) and then you can place it on your hook to your heart’s content. I recommend not going past the size letter, because to me, anything higher on the hook would interfere with my crochet. Also, don’t put anything sharp and pointy on there.. makes it difficult to use the hook afterwards. XD
I also recommend using aluminum hooks (I would never try to bake plastic hooks!) Bake at ~250-275 (whatever the package says) for 15 – 20 mins.
If you are worried about getting a flat surface, take a blob of fiber stuff and place the fimo on there. You might be pulling a few little strands later, but it keeps your work the same way you molded it.

And that, my friends, is how you get your own, one of a kind, hooks.

Get a parent/adult to supervise.
DO NOT forget the oven on.
Do not use for knitting needles. I don’t think it would work the same as it does for crochet hooks.. if you use your hooks for tunisian crochet… I wouldn’t do this technique either as it alters your hook.
(Meaning, keep a normal back up of all the hooks you decide to alter in case you need them)

I found the original website where I got the idea to make the Master Sword!
It was an instructable!
Anyway, thanks for the original idea!


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