Err.. Too many projects does not make a good thing!

So, I was hoping I’d have the pattern I am testing done for you all by now. But that didn’t happen AT ALL. >.> Too many projects means that all of them tend to slow down.. Granted, one of the projects is writing, another is studying.. but you know what I mean!
What I did do was take a quick break from working on the testing to make a hat. Just so I had something to show you today!
Remember that lace scarf I made? Well, I still have a little bit of that lacey yarn hanging around, so I made a very basic hat and attached it to it! (It was my mother’s idea. >.>) I’m actually not too crazy with the look of it. I may add more lacyness to it higher up.

Just some quick ridiculous lines from my nano project too: (under a break for maybe some PG-13 themes, violence mostly)

“The trunk? Are you kidding me? You couldn’t have been more unoriginal.”
“Either you get in on your own, or I break your legs and stuff you in there.”

The woman waved her hand in the air, dismissing him. “I never threatened your pet. Let’s get down to business”
And defeat the huns, I sang in my head.

It would be too much work to get rid of the body.


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