Camp Nano.

Hey all!
So, I decided even though I have the crazy-looming boards over my head (I picked a date! July 19th! Ahhh!!!) I’m going to do Camp NanoWrimo. This might be a terrible fail on my part. While I was waiting around for April to start, I was thinking about my story (By the by, I’m a pantser in all things.. I barely ever have a plan beyond “Let’s start here…” And then I figure it out along the way. >.>) and I was creating a character in my mind.. Well, that wasn’t good enough for me, I had to HAVE my character sitting in front of me while I wrote.

What did I know about my character….. nothing. >.> I like fantasy (I like dragons…) so I wanted to do a story about a lady knight. But then as I was thinking I changed it and she’s going to be a modern day lady-knight… Don’t ask me, this is what I figure out when I’m tired and loopy. So, we’ll see how it works.

I didn’t exactly finish her yet.. I kinda went home for the weekend and she needs a second shoe…. and maybe some chain mail on top of her tunic thing.. but you can see what she looks like.
So! Meet Kiana:

I decided to give her black hair with some green streaks through it… I wanted her to look a little punky.. and I was trying something with embroidery to make her lips.. it kinda worked.

You can see her one boot here.. and all those loose ends.. I make my people without clothes and then make the clothes so they can come on/off of the doll.. which is why there are loose ends. lol.

I was hoping to have her finished before the first, but as I didn’t.. and as I got distracted.. I decided to show everyone before I got too wrapped up in her story and started hating her.. >.>

This is what I know about her as of right now:
1. She’s a modern day lady knight.
2. she’s tough as nails
3. Her ex is a dragon slayer (she’s also an ex-dragon slayer…)
4. She’s kinda grumpy…
5. She definitely wants to bash things with a sword…
6. She was “sacrificed” to a dragon (hence being an EX dragon slayer!) but she lived!
7. She will be up to her neck in muck (of the story) once it starts.

Right after I finished her body though, I ordered AmiguruME by Allison Hoffman from Crafty is Cool. I kept drooling over her people, and the book I saw in the store when I went forever ago.. but I put it back because I told myself even though it seemed interesting.. I wasn’t going to make people… YEah, about that… Since I got it, I skimmed through it, giving me ideas for future people I want to make now.. (and it was what also inspired trying to embroider the lips) >.> Yeah, I’m a bit of a dork. So watch for peoplez!

Also, I’m testing a pattern of a pokemon.. I’ll prolly post the finished product here with a link to the pattern once I’m done. So far, it’s really cool. That’s all I’m going to say about it.


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