I might be a little obsessed with dragons..

Needless to say, I love dragons. I love all things dragon related. Anyway, because of this obsession (I tend to be obsessed with other things too, but dragons are what we are talking about) I tend to make a lot of them.
Today, I wanted to try something else… so, I started playing around and came up with this little guy:

I started by wanting a silver (see grey) dragon. But I couldn’t find the right colored yarn.. It doesn’t mean I dont have it, I just didn’t know what drawer I shoved it into during my quick cleaning. See, I had pulled all my yarn out, looking for some, and I was going to take a picture of it to show you all my crazy stash.. but then I realized that the yarn had completely taken over my living room, so I did a quick pick up, shoving all the stray yarn balls somewhere before putting most of them back into my craft closet. ANYWAY, so I started out looking for this grey, which I couldn’t find. I then found the sparkly/metalic thread. Great! I’ll get my practice making smaller crochet things!
Total fail. I messed up counting, I tried to pull it apart, and the thread ripped. This gave me a headache, so I just shrugged and put it aside.
I then found my off purple yarn (its sooo soft. I have no idea what it is, just that it’s soft) and I twisted the metalic purple thread around it, thinking it was a good idea.. It was, made it a little harder to crochet with it, but I liked the effects.
I then (as I had rearranged my yarn) found my fun fur and held it up to my dragon thinking hmmm… and I smiled realizing that it would be kinda cool to make the spikes out of this stuff.. plus, I’m not the best at using it..

See, I tried to make a scarf.. it got tangled, I couldn’t untangle it, so I made it into a cat toy for my baby.
So I tried making the spikes, they actually came out neat looking and when I stitched them on.. totally looked like I made a dragon with a mohawk!
Anyway, from there I made the wings and I tried to do something lacy. I had a lot of fun making this.
Some other pictures for you:

Anyway, keep on crafting. XD


8 thoughts on “I might be a little obsessed with dragons..

  1. I, too, am obsessed with dragons ~ it started when I saw “How To Train Your Dragon”. 🙂 I love your dragon, and I totally agree that fun fur yarn is so hard to crochet with, plus it’s impossible to frog. Fabulous creation!

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