Triforce Hat and a Lacey Scarf

So, I totally forgot I didn’t post my hat picture. Remember last time when I mentioned I started working on a hat for me, but I didn’t finish it… well, I did!

The picture is bad cause I cannot take pictures of myself and there is one little yarn piece dangling down cause I was super excited about the hat, I hadn’t finished tucking in ends (I have now, but i didn’t THEN.)

I cannot take credit for this design at all. The amazing ladies at Lattes and Llamas are doing a geek-a-long. They are making a blanket and at the end of the year, they are donating their blanket to Child’s Play. This is awesome of them, but as I don’t knit and any project that has to be pieced together and all the ends perfectly hidden tends to… fall flat for me and sit in the corner never to be finished, I just ooggle their blanket as it comes along. But I did see their triforce square and I honestly tried to learn knitting just for that. That.. uh.. kinda fell flat again too… as I have a hard time just doing a knit stitch and purl just seems like magic to me. I thought about just crocheting it, but what would I do with a random trifoce square? (beyond run around my house like a dork and wave it above my head all the time that is) So instead I stared at it, and stared, and stared… until I finally was like “OH! I’ll make a hat!!”

And thus it was born. Thank you ladies! I had a fun time using your pattern, even though I twisted it.

I will admit… I still have a lot of loose ends hanging in the inside that I just knotted because I was being lazy. >.> but it’s for me, and it is the inside, so it will do.

The other thing I did was make a lacey scarf.

I don’t know if any of you have seen this yarn in the stores:

It’s called a sashay yarn, this particular color I got at walmart at the clearance aisle.. the label just says “1959 twist sash E782” no actual brand… but anyway,when you start pulling the end apart it looks like this

Well, I had a grey one with little bobbles on it (that’s what I call them.. don’t ask me!) that I picked up forever ago, realized everything I tried to crochet with it looked weird, and shoved in my drawer to play with later. Well, I finally figured out how to do a basssssssic crochet stitch with it, giving it that lacey look. I thus made a grey string of it (I called this grey string a scarf and then gave it away as I had no idea what to do with it.. I dont really wear scarves. It doesn’t get THAT cold here guys!) So when I still had some grey left, I decided to make another scarf out of it. that ended before I reached the end of my row (in 1 sc after the foundation row) so I put it aside and went eventually I’ll get some more to finish it.. I then picked up that blue varigated one from walmart the other day, and did another couple of rows to finish it. I’m super happy with how it came out, and no, I won’t be giving away this one.

I still have a lot of it left though. Don’t be surprised if you see some projects with that used in it sporadically!

Happy crafting and keep your smile on. XD


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