Bullying: Schools doing it wrong

Go read this article about a boy who was banned from wearing his favorite backpack to school.
Because it’s a “trigger for bullying.”

What is wrong with this? Is it that a little boy loves My Little Pony?
NO. Not at all.
Seriously, love what you want! People MY age love that show cause it’s cute! And it has a good message.

The problem with this is that they are punishing the little boy who is being bullied and not the bullies.

Wait, what?
YES. That is what they are doing. They are blaming the victim. It’s.. atrocious. People do this ALL the time, but seriously, it’s a kid. Don’t teach him that it is not okay to like things and show support for that just because other people suck.

Cause really, other people do suck when it comes down to the nitty gritty of it all.

This is the same problem that comes with anything. Oh, you were robbed, must have been YOUR fault. Raped? What were you wearing?

WHO THE FUCK REALLY CARES? Seriously. People don’t ask to be picked on. I don’t go out into the world screaming every day “Hey! Look at me! Be shitty to me!” That’s not how it works.
And the fact that the school district is teaching that it’s okay to blame/punish victims… NOT COOL.

Sorry, bullying lies close to my heart. From one kid who used to be bullied, Stick in there and love what you love! Don’t let people tell you differently.
*drops mic and steps off soap box*

Really, I should have a once a month article bitch fest. >.>


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