Err… Batgirl?

I started working on a hat for me. Well, maybe for me. I dont even know who it was for actually.. I just wanted to make a hat! But I’ve tried this before, and the first hat I made was… was way too big and not hat like… the second hat I tried to makle was waaay too small but it was more hat like at least.. just a good DOLL hat.

This one was actually coming out well, it had the design on it I wanted.. but it was become WAAAAAAY too long and was having waaaay too many ends hanging out. Again, no big deal.. i’ll finish it eventually..

But! I started to make another hat for a friend. She asked me to make it slouchy…. And she asked for black and yellow stripes. This worked PERFECTLY (well, almost) with what I had in mind for her..

And she was supposed to give me her head measurements so I’d know if it would actually FIT her.. but hopefully it will!
I also realized if I take a picture of myself I glare at the camera or I look like I’m goign to murder someone… therefore…. you get the LESS creepy picture of me.

Anyway, there it is. I have no pattern for what I was doing… I kinda used some knit pattern design website to block out the batgirl symbol (or as close as I could get it!) and that entire area I did in single crochet. The rest was double (except for the edge, which I again did in single)
If I were wearing it right, it would indeed be slouchy. And the inside looks like a mess… I just carried my yarn though back and forth so I wouldn’t have all the loose ends.. Good and bad idea really..


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