Of hooks..

So. I crochet. I keep telling myself one day I will learn knitting. But that’s not the point. I crochet. There’s all these different sized hooks in crochet (for those who don’t know) and each size is represented by a letter.. (for the bigger ones that is! when you get into the numbered ones, I can’t help you there.. that gets waaaay too small for my blood… plus I’m lazy.. so making something biggishwith those small ones just doesnt happen.) 

I have a favorite hook size. I loooove my G hook. So much so that I probably have 5 of them. This is because I lose it along the way. I actually went through my hooks the other day and took all my spare hooks out, figuring out what I had extras of, (pretty much ALL of them.. as I tend to misplace things and rebuy things) and when I did this, I took one of my G sized hooks and turned it into the master sword from zelda. I have since then broken off the two little pieces of the guard in my overuse of the hook (instead of you know, putting it up..) But yeah. I end up having a lot of hooks. 

So, I started this project the other day and I was using an I hook.. It’s red, its big. I had not lost it… Until I got home today. I had my half finished project on the couch, the yarn in the same place as yesterday.. and everythign whereI swear I left it… Except my hook. So, I pulled out my tubby full of hooks and started searching for a second I hook.. only to find out I didn’t have one. 

I found two more Gs, an H, three Js.. but no I. 

I finally pulled out my plastic hooks (I don’t like the feel of them, but I bought them so I wouldn’t worry about taking crochet hooks on a plane) and dug out the appropriate hook there. 

Any one else collect hooks? (Or needles if you knit? Actually, I have a collection of those too… It’s more of my “Eventually I will do this” obsession) 


Anyway, I’ll post a picture when I finish my project. 


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