It’s Bigger on the Inside!

… Actually this isn’t as I am not magic… BUT, I MADE A TARDIS!!! And it LIGHTS UP!

It took me about a week to make (give or take) and we had a huuuuge pathology test yesterday so I was working on it a little bit at night to clear my mind.
I did each wall separately by making squares (rectangles?) and folding them in half with plastic canvas stuffed inside for a little more support. While I liked this method, and it does give it the support it needs (and I can shove things through the plastic canvas) probably next time (if there is a next time,) I’d use thicker cardboard for the support.. (as it would be stronger) The light is a dollar store book light that I annihilated for this project. I first took the entire thing apart, but after realizing that I had no way to hold the batteries and get THAT mess to work, I took the clip and decided to use that as well, clipping it on the inside wall. The front does open, so it would make a good storage area…. Or you know.. that way I can get at the huuge light clip.

The black part is acrylic paint. I was trying to stitch the words “POLICE BOX” on there, but I definitely wasn’t getting it small enough.. If I’m feeling ambitious, I’ll hunt down my white paint and see if I can paint them on.. But for now, I’m happy with it.

Something I did forget to mention when I showed my market bag was that over the weekend I tried my hand at wire bending. I made a bookmark!

And some detaaaaaail:

I also made a necklace. I had the green charm.. but I took some wire and made the little loopy things thus adding onto the charm.. and I made the clasp (as I didn’t have clasps here)

BEtter one of the charm:

Well, I think its time for me to travel all over space and time! Cya later!


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