Fruit markets and condensation

My parents came over this week to visit. It’s a welcome thing, since it means I don’t have to cook for a few days. On the other hand, it means I don’t really study either. >.< But that's okay. I needed a mental break anyways. So my mom loves flea markets. She loves running around them and looking and fruit markets and what not. She found a big one near me, (near being a relative statement) being about an hour away. On my car ride there and back, I was working on this market bag. I didn't finish it though, only finishing it when I finally got home here after a few more hours work. It's not huge, but its big enough to take to the fruit market once in a while. Plus, it almmmost used up that ball of yarn. (Don't get me started on my yarn stash.. its a little ridiculous and I have yarn tucked into any nook and cranny I can find. Plus it is a discussion for another post.)
Market bag:

Then, the other day I was sitting with a girl in my class and she had a sock on her water bottle. It was clean, (and actually really cute!) and she said that she used it because of the condensation on her bottle. I thought this was the most brilliant idea ever, and I had to make one.
Bottle cozy:

The colors on it are okay. I could have done better if I hadn’t been half out of my mind when I was making it… (Sleep deprived that is) but it does function and it fits my green bottle perfectly! Before I would go and grab a bunch of napkins out of the cafeteria and wrap them around my bottle, but now I have that. XD It made me happy.

That’s all I have for you. Drop me a line if you have any suggestions for my next project (or what you’d like to see here,) because I’m running out of ideas!


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