So, I decided that I wasn’t going to post this yesterday as I was still kinda grumpy and I didn’t sleep too well the night before which meant that anything I had to really think about was just not working too hot.

Basically my life has turned into class/test/practical, boards studying, stress, crochet to reduce stress (and when I crochet I watch tv), half sleep/nightmares/etc. Rinse and repeat. -.-
However, only one more real practical left (but more tests are coming up. ick) so that’ll help relieve some of the stress I’ve been under.

During my studying for boards, it was talking about monoamine oxidase (MAO) which catabolizes some neurotransmitters.. and in my sleep addled brain I was like MAO sounds like a cat. GREAT! It CATABOLIZES, MAO CAT! Let’s just say I am the only one who appreciates my silly sense of humor.

This guy though looks like he’d say “maaaaaaaaoooooo.” XD Right. So I’m ridiculous.

I was looking on pintrest the other day and it had a how to on light boxes. So I tried to make one using paper (and a box) It kinda worked.. I need to fix the back a little (and get actual LIGHTS to you know, LIGHT the box instead of just using it as a white box. In this case is it actually a light box or a white box? Or is it like the camera’s sensory deprivation chamber?) It made me happy because a lot of the time when I take pictures, they come out a little blurry as my camera gets confused by this thing I’m trying to photograph.

Just another angle of his face. I do like that the pictures didn’t come out blurry and I could get in close like that.

Thanks for reading!


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