Na na na na, Na na na na BATMAN!

So, I’ve been wanting to make a batman forever… He’s little. He’s a bit chubby. But he IS batman.
AND even better, I WROTE UP A PATTERN!! WOO!!! (Do go easy on me too, this is the first full pattern I’ve written out)
Batman took me ~ 2 days (but I only worked on him for a few hours each day).

I used (beyond yarn and fiber stuffing) some fimo clay, some felt, and a black marker (for around the eyes). Let me know if something doesn't make sense. I tend to scribble things so they work for me.. which may or may not work for everyone else. >.>

Abbreviations I use a LOT:
Sc: single crochet
Sl: slip stitch
Ch: chain
dc: double crochet.
st: stitches (usually the number at the end will designate how many stitches you should have in that row)
if I write something like Dec, 3 sc I mean decrease 2 sc together then sc in the next 3 stitches. Same goes with inc (increase by 1 in that stitch then sc after that)
1. 5 sc Magic ring
2. sc inc in every stitch – 10 st.
3. (sc inc, sc) around – 15 st.
4. (sc inc, sc, sc) around – 20 st
5. (sc inc, sc, sc, sc) around – 25 st.
6 – 7. sc around
8. 10 sc, change to pale yellow/white (whatever color you want his face to be), 7 sc, change back to black sc to end.
9. Dec, 4 sc, dec, 1 sc, change to yellow, 3 sc, dec, 2 sc, change to black, 2 sc, dec, 3 sc, dec – 20
10. (dec, 2 sc) around – 15
11. (dec, sc) around – 10 Stuff.
12. dec around – 5 st. Tie off.
I took some of the black tails to hide the yellow stitches that made it not look like a box for his face. I also used some black to stitch on a mouth.

Start the same as the head (1-5) -> 25 st.
sc around 5 x. (so this would be rows 6-10)
11. (dec, 3 sc) around – 20
12. (dec, 2 sc) around – 15.
13. (dec, sc) around – 10 Stuff
Dec around and tie off.

Ears x2:
ch 3. sc in 3nd ch from hook. In next ch, 1/2 double and dc. Ch 1 to tie off.

1. ch 15. sc in the second ch from hook. sc til end and ch 1, turn. (should have 14 sc.)
2. slip stitch (sl) 3x, sc 8x. ch 2 turn.
3. dc 8x, ch 2 turn
4. Dc inc, 6 dc, dc inc, ch 2 turn.
5. Dc inc, 8 dc, dc inc, ch 2 turn.
6. Dc inc, 10 dc, dc inc, ch 2 turn.
7. Dc inc, 12 dc, dc inc, ch 2 turn.
8. Dc inc, 14 dc, dc inc, ch 1.
9. Sl along side to 3 last sc and then alond those to end.

Arms and legs (so make 4)
1. 5 sc magic ring
2. inc around – 10
3 – 8. sc around. Tie off.

Belt. (I used a dark yellow that was orangey.. just dont use the same color you used for the face.)
Start in the back of the body and you are going to sc TO the body.. Basically you just sc around the body until you reach where you started. If this doesnt work, you can make a ch long enough to go around the body (so aim for 25-30 chs depending on how much you stuffed the body)

Satchel (bag thing?)
ch 4. Sc in 2nd ch from hook. sc to end – 3.
sl to tie off. I folded this in half before I stitched it to the belt.

For the yellow part of the bat symbol: (use the same color as the belt and satchel)
ch. 5
sc in 2nd ch. from hook. sc to end (4 sc)
sc in that last stitch 2 more times, sc along opposite side of chain (4 more sc). 2 more sc in last loop. Sl to first sc and tie off.
Stitch this to the body.
For the bat, I used fimo clay, but you can also use felt or if you feel ambitious you can embroider it. (I'm not the best with felt so I decided fimo clay and a hot glue gun seemed a better option)

For the eyes, I just cut little half circles out of white felt, glued them on with a hot glue gun, then outlined them in black marker.

Good luck! If you use this pattern, please show me a picture.


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