Of Eggs and Hummingbirds

So, my friend likes Game of Thrones. (I do too, but I haven’t seen the HBO series, so I have no comments on that!) And we were both without boyfriends on V-day… which means we were each other’s Valentines! As a good date I made her a dragon egg.. Well, I tried!

I saw a pattern for an egg on Ravelry but as a poor student I frowned and told myself I couldn’t justify buying the pattern for 1 project.. Which meant that I could maybe figure it out.. Good/bad idea! I started by watching 2-3 videos on youtube about crocodile stitch. It’s a really awesome stitch, but the problem is that it leaves a loooot of space in between your work, which makes it impossible to stuff! I might end up buying this pattern after all, but I enjoyed my process of trying to figure out how it works! Also, I started to get lazy and didn’t close off the top, thus it’s not exactly what I’d consider amigurumi…. I did cut the long end inside the egg/cup and it was great for shoving a bunch of chocolates inside. For me, something like this would be fun if I made a tiny dragon and wanted to have an egg to go with it. For now though, my friend was super pleased and that’s all that was important.

While we were out on our “date” we saw this cutie and I just wanted to share how adorable he was. He was just chilling and when we saw him the first time, I took some pictures of him, but didn’t get a really good one of his colors. After we wandered around some more, I wanted to find him before we had to leave. He didn’t disappoint, flittering around and then he stopped long enough for me to take some more pictures of him. His colors were so inspiring. Don’t be surprised if you see a hummingbird coming up soon!


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