I craft a lot.. or at least lately!

With Valentine’s Day tomorrow, I’ve been spending the last two weeks making gifts for a handful of friends. (Some of which I posted earlier!) I just finished the last one today. Which means its round up time of my crafts from the week!

1. This little fox!

I followed the Sleepy desert fox pattern by Nelly Pailloux however, I didn’t like how tiny the body was compared to the head, so I made that bigger. I might have tweaked more, I dont remember. The rose is made our of fimo clay.

2. This owl

I started to follow the pattern Jip the Owl from Woolytoons but I didn’t like how big the body would be so I ended up tossing it and just using the photo as a reference for what I kinda wanted it to look like. (Are we seeing a pattern with my work?? lol)

3. This rose

This one I think I did follow.. I might have not have counted the rows in the stem and just went around until I thought it was long enough… But I used the basic rose pattern from Planet June (I think…)

4. This cat:

I followed no pattern for it. The collar is ribbon and the pendant is fimo. I might write up a pattern for it eventually.. if I remember what I did that is. XD

5. This dog:

Again, no pattern was followed. I might be able to come up with one somewhere down the line… >.>

6. This camel:

I asked one of my guy friends what animal he liked because I needed an idea for a project. He said camels. I then proceeded to look up patterns on the internet… ceeeeeeeeept…. I really didn’t find any I liked for a camel. O.o This one I entirely created. I have the foot scribbled down on paper, I have an idea how I did the rest so I might write it down so you can enjoy the camel! XD

Now for some fun projects I did for me!
So, I’m in dental school and one of the things we have to do is make a temporary out of acrylic. And some days my temps work, some days they don’t. Some days I over carve them with the handpiece, or I get hasty and take them out too fast and they get all mushed up. Really, its something that I personally have struggled with (I’m not the only one!) so I wanted to make a “dental god” I could “make sacrifices to” so I could do well with temporaries (all this said in jest to a friend who then told me I should do it..) My god turned out to be a goddess as I was playing with hair and changed my mind on how I wanted it to look. I then was going to put her in either a white coat or scrubs, but changed my mind AGAIN as I wanted to try to figure out how to make a “Belle dress” as I called it in my head (I’m also obsessed with Beauty and the Beast.)
(I totally forgot I shoved a fimo rose in her hand!) The necklace is leather cord and fimo. Her belt thing is ribbon. On her back (which you will see in a second!) there is more fimo for her hair band. Her shoe has a little bead on it which is glued on. I tried to give her a little color in her cheeks with blush…. yeah, don’t think I’ll be doing that again! XD
(Sorry for the blurry quality of some of these! The fur ball was attacking me and the projects around this time)
The only thing I used for her in the way of patterns was a hair tutorial that I read forever ago and half adapted it because I wanted to try it.

Also, the pattern I scribbled up for her feet was nearly exactly the same as the one I scribbled up for the camel, except with hers I had an extra row in the actual foot part, and a lot of extra rows in the leg part. (I dont know why I scribble up patterns for legs! I have 2 now for legs, and 2 for wing parts. O.o)

Now, in case you haven’t realized, I’m in love with dragons. So, when the movie How to Train Your Dragon came out, I was super excited to see it, and it didn’t disappoint! Since then, I’ve been obsessed with Toothless. So, when I found Sarselgurumi’s Toothless pattern I had to try it myself! The actual project had been done for some time, I just needed to finish stitching the horns (are they horns? hair flaps?) onto the head, but I’m so bad with cutting up felt that the eyes didn’t look right. And since it didn’t look right, I didn’t want to finish it. I’m special like that. The other day, I finally sat down, and figured out how to crochet the eyes to look right (even if I didn’t have the exact shade of green that my felt was). Once those were finished and he looked like Toothless, I was happy to quickly stitch on the missing pieces.

(my kitten for whatever reason was obsessed with this when I was taking pictures)

She’s like but mommy! Picture time!!! XD

THERE! finally one without her in it.

I do have another project I finished.. but the picture is REALLY blurry.. I will take a better one and post it another day. XD
Thanks for visiting!
*I did try to link all the patterns I used. If any links do not work, contact me and I will fix them/update them/apologize profusely.


7 thoughts on “I craft a lot.. or at least lately!

    • Thanks! I tried felt.. and I just can’t get it right! I was able to use felt to do my batman’s eyes. and I made spiderman forever ago and was able to use felt.. andsame thing with Kirby.. but for whatever reason, I just couldn’t get teh eyes right on Toothless! What I basically did was a magic ring in black (I’m guessing 5sc to start.. cause I always do 5s), then I started the next row of increases (inc in every stitch) with white, but I didn’t finish the row.. I think I did 3-5 stitches with the white…. then I switched over to green and finished that row, then added another row… (sc, inc around – you want to end up with 15 st)

      I hope that makes sense.. I then tugged and pulled it when I was stitching it on so it didn’t look too much like a circle and more like an oval.

      • I never really remember what I do. That’s why I *try* to take notes… 🙂 Your directions do make sense! I think I may try this when I crochet my own Toothless, thanks!

        • No problem. I knew I just worked in the round and I didn’t really do much beyond that.. I just totally forgot what colors I used. >.> It was kinda trial and error when I was working on it. Good luck!

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