A little bit about me:

I started crocheting about 5 years ago. All the while, I kept staring at Lucy Ravenscar’s Fierce Little Dragon pattern. It intimidated me. I wanted to figure it out, but I didn’t know anything about amigurumi. I didn’t know what a magic ring was! How do you even make crochet 3D??? So, I drooled over it, but kept it on my “maybe one day” list. Luckily, I have a mother who likes to push me. So, about 4 years ago, I showed my mom the pattern and whined that I didn’t know what a magic ring was and it looked hard. My mother pulled up youtube and had me look it up. We watched video after video on different stitches until I felt confident enough to try her pattern. I was so happy I did. My first dragon had loose stitches and is definitely a little floppy. I wasn’t happy with his eyes because well, I didn’t have a yarn needle and its hard to get eye looking stitches with a crochet hook! However, I’m happy with him. I love him and even though I’ve now made more amigurumi than I can count (including 7 more dragons!) I will always have a place for him on my shelf. He will forever be my first.

So, thanks Ms. Ravenscar for inspiring me. Thanks for making me wanna learn how to make dragons and other creatures. Thanks to all the creators I’ve used patterns from and all the creators who put their patterns up for free. I want to use this to showcase some of my own work (and maybe some patterns as well if I ever get up to writing an entire thing instead of just a leg)

That all being said, this is my latest dragon, definitely inspired by the fierce little dragon pattern, even though I didn’t open it at all for this project.

Oh, and do ignore the fur ball in the picture. She didn’t want to move when I was taking it.


5 thoughts on “Welcome!

    • Lol! I totally get it! I’m not too good at finishing projects like blankets.. I get bored in the middle. >.< Luckily, these things go fairly fast for me! I wish you luck. If you want, I can type out how I did my wings for you.

    • Right then. This is for the long part of the frame:
      Start with a 4sc magic ring
      Inc (2 stitches in 1st stitch), sc, inc, sc. – 6 stitches.
      Sc around – 6 st
      inc, sc x2, inc, sc x2 – 8 st
      sc around 3x. (each row should have 8 stitches)
      Inc, scx3, inc, scx3 – 10 stitches
      sc around 8 more times
      inc, sc x4, inc, sc x4 – 12 st.
      sc around 2x. Tie off leaving a longish tail.

      Little piece of frame:
      4 sc magic ring.
      inc, sc. inc, sc – 6 st.
      sc around x 2
      inc, sc x2, inc, sc x2 – 8 st.
      sc around 2x.
      Tie off leaving a longish tail.

      From here, I stuff the big piece and the little piece and stitch the little piece about 1/2 to 1/3 of the way down from the tip of the bigger piece. (approximately) it gives a sort of lop-sided y look to it.

      Big piece of wing canvas (I used blue, so this would just be your second color)
      ch 9.
      sc in 2nd chain from hook along til end. ch 1. turn
      inc, sc until end, ch 1. turn
      sc until the end, add 1 sc in last sc (you want the inc to be the last stitch so you are inc on one side only) ch 1. turn.
      inc, sc til end, ch 1. turn
      sc until the end, add 1 sc in last sc, ch 1. turn.
      ch 3, sc in first sc, repeat til end. sl st to corner and tie off leaving a long tail.

      This piece was worked down from with the lacey part being the bottom of the wing. It fits (or if you want, you can fiddle with that first chain adding or subtracting until it looks long enough) to fit in the larger section. So you should be stitching it to the big piece of the wing frame and the little piece along the side. The little piece of wing canvas is the opposite.. its worked from the bottom of the wing up to the top…

      Ch. 15.
      count out 5 ch and sc into that 5th one. Keep doing so until the end (so you should only have 5-6 sc, you can also change the length of the ch or the length of how many chs you are skipping.. you want that ruffled looking affect like the other piece had.)
      Dec in the beginning, sc along the middle until you have 2 scs left, dec with those two. ch 1.
      dec, sc along unitl you have 2 left, dec. ch 1.
      keep doing this until you have either 1 sc, or 2 scs.. (or a small number that would fit into your corner.)

      I hope that all makes sense. This is the first time I’ve actually written out a pattern for someone else to follow. Usually they are just little instructions to myself on how I did something so I can repeat it on the other side of a project. Good luck with your big project! I took a gander earlier and it looks beautiful! Great idea!

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